Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cloud Pu erh Tea in Hong Kong

I took the opportunity in Hong Kong to buy the Cloud pu erh tea and book.  My search for pu erh information on the internet led me to many well written articles on tea by Cloud.  Cloud is actually a Hong Kong tea drinker, who had posted his findings and knowledge about pu erh tea on the internet. Some links are:

Cloud, or Mr Chan Kam Pong had written a book in English "first step to chinese puerh tea".  Beautifully lavished with many photographs, Chan deals with the history, manufacture,  technical knowledge, storage and classification of pu erh tea.  I enjoyed reading the book and highly recommend to anyone who is interested in this tea.  In addition, Chan has also produced puerh tea under his flagship Cloud Tea.  He has produced 2 series, both raw puerh and are unique in that the puerh cake is composed of puerh tea leaves from different plantations of puerh.   The series 2 puerh is  from the "tea leaves of Mengsong, Bulang, Mengzhe, Naka, Mannong and Manmai".

Not all tea shops carry Cloud tea.  I had to write to their web site and was directed to a tea shop called Sin Fook Tea House in Kowloon City.  It was a 10-15 minute taxi ride from Jordan, and the shop is located in the suburbs of Kowloon.  The owner of the tea house Mr Ming was extremely friendly and hospitable letting me sample some of his tea in his shop.  I left his shop happily with my purchase of the puerh book and a few cloud pu erh cakes.  The book is a signed copy by the author, Mr Chan.   

I could not resist eating 2 bowls of braised beef noodles at a shop across the tea house and I also purchased a plain white gaiwan tea set for HK$20 from a porcelain shop along the street before ending my tea adventure for the afternoon.

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