Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chinese wedding tea ceremony

Chinese tea plays an important part in chinese culture.  One important contribution is the chinese tea ceremony in weddings.

One of the components of a chinese wedding is the tea ceremony.  The tea ceremony is a symbolic gesture in acknowledging the matrimony of the bride and groom by the parents and elders of the family.

The married couple usually offers a cup of tea to the parents and elders of the family.  In drinking the tea, the parents or elders acknowledges and recognize the wedding.  (also in the olden days, there was no such thing as a wedding certificate).  The couples are, in return for the tea, given lucky red packets that contain money or jewellery.  Normally the tea is a sweetened red dates tea with dried fruit, but now normal chinese tea is used.  There was a case in Indonesia where there was an extremely large wedding, the chinese ceremony was conducted without any tea in the cups........just pretend there is tea.....but the red packets are the real stuff though.

This video is an actual tea ceremony video.  It shows the tea ceremony in Singapore.  In this video, the wedded couple is offering tea to their elder uncle and aunt.

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