Saturday, October 24, 2009

2006 Mengku ripe mini cake

This is a Mengku Ripe mini cake (140gms).  Produced by Mengku Tea Co (very well known),  I personally rate this cake as one of my favorite 2006 ripe pu erh.  Newcomers to pu erh will enjoy the earthy toasty aroma and taste while the experienced ripe pu erh drinkers will find this tea extremely smooth with a distinctly pleasant aftertaste.  

This ripe cake is inexpensive costing me about US$6 (air freight inclusive).  I had already drunk through 2 cakes and have a couple more cakes left in my pu erh stash.  I tend to drink my ripe pu erh on the stronger side and I usually add more tea leaves when I brew a ripe tea.  Its something like 8/10 gms for a 180 ml pot.  Use boiling water every time for better results.  I could get about 10 drinkable brews after discarding the 1st two infusions (pour them over my teapot).  When I had my 1st taste of this tea,  it made me mumbled a "wow".  The taste was toasty and woody....very nice feel...... and before I knew it, I had drank the whole cup.  I also observed that there were also hardly any tea stems in the cake.....just small tea leaves (click 2nd/3rd pix).

This cake is value for money in terms of quality and price.  Its available for sale on the internet.  Yunnan Sourcing described  this tea as "This is a classic ripe mini cake from the Mengku Rongshi tea factory of Lin Cang.  These cakes are made from 2005 fermented Lincang large-leaf varietal tea.  The flavor smooth with a sweet after-taste."  Awazon gave this tea a 4.5 star rating (out of 5).   This tea was also an award winner in a tea contest.

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Matt said...

I like this tea a lot too. If you like this you'll also like the 2008 1kg Mengku brick from YS. Drinking it right now and it's sooo good.