Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fancy Display Teapot

My family hosted a Shanghai student recently for a week at our house.  It was part of a student exchange program where my kid gets to stay with a family in Shanghai for a week and we in turn will play host to a student 2 months later.  It was interesting to see the upbringing and thoughts of a mainland chinese student.  

I received a gift from the student's family.  It was a teapot.  You can see that the design looked like a tree trunk cutting.  This teapot is quite big.  Measuring 7 inches (18cm) across with a height of 2.5 inches (6cm).  The detailed airbrushing of the paint on the ceramic teapot is good.  This teapot is for display and not for brewing tea as the paints used, I suppose, are not food-friendly.  This teapot makes a great conversation piece in my living room.

There are many unique and inexpensive ceramic teapots that one may collect as a hobby.  I have seen unusual designs; from  a chinese junkboat and even a clam shell teapot.  These fancy teapots are usually quite cheap and will cost less than US$10.  The teapot gift I received, is slightly more expensive as the workmanship is more elaborate. (I am not selling it).

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