Monday, August 9, 2010

My $100 order of tea from Yunnan Sourcing

My 3 kg box of tea arrived from China a couple of days ago. I had ordered some ripe tea from Yunnan Sourcing over the weekend and the box arrived at my door 5 days later.

This order comprised of all ripe pu erh. You will have observed that there are 3 identical 2007 Fuhai ripe cakes (see 2nd May blog) in this order. I am extremely impressed with this cake and this this my 2nd reorder of this cake. The rest of the cakes are (middle from left) 07 Feng Qing, 08 Yong Pin Hao, (lowest row from left) 06 Haiwan, 07 Haiwan 7588 and a 08 Fuhai ripe. I had the box air freighted by ems which took up a fair bit of the expenses.

It is interesting that the 07 Haiwan 7588 is a 250g brick and its length is almost as wide as a regular size pu erh cake (see last pix, click to enlarge). I would think the compression of this brick is fairly light and the tea can be broken up by hand.

Yunnan Sourcing is operated by the proprietor Scott Wilson. He is an American and operates his tea business from Kunming, China. He is fluent in spoken mandarin. I met him last year in Kunming and was extremely impressed with his Chinese as he sounded like a local there.

The tea offered by Scott is very impressive. His website
will seem like a candy store to tea drinkers and collectors. I find his prices of tea reasonable. He purchases his tea from authorized tea dealers so you can be assured of no fakes. I find his service to be good and his emails prompt and courteous. His packing is good as evidenced by the above pix. In addition, Scott will try to locate those tea a customer may wish to buy thats not on his site.

I would not hesitate to recommend Yunnan Sourcing as a reliable source for your tea needs. I hope to visit him again when I make another trip to Kunming.......hopefully soon.

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David Lau said...

Hi Wilson, could I ask if you have Scott's contact info ? I will be traveling to China soon and wanted to get some information about Yun'nan. Thanks!