Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sea Dyke - San Yin Shui Hsien

I had purchased this tin of 2007 Sea Dyke - San Yin Shui Hsien at the KL tea expo last June. (see 1 Jul blog). This tea was offered to visitors to the tea expo at a price of 15RM (about US$6).

This 100g shui hsien was advertised as a 2007 edition, though there were no markings on the tin to evidence this claim. Sea Dyke brand is famous for their production of Fujian oolongs and their Lao Chung Shui Hsien is one of the most popular tinned oolong tea (see blog 15 Oct 2010).

This tea can brew 5-6 infusions of oolong tea. Its has a nicely roasted, robust aroma with a sweetish aftertaste. . I myself prefer the other version (lao chong shui hsien) as I prefer a stronger and more robust scent and flavor - a personal preference.

I had found out that current editions (2010-11) of this san yin shui hsien sells below US$5 and in my opinion gives really good value for money. Comes in a nice metal tea caddy. Recommended.

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