Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Malaysian Tea Purchase

I took my family to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the last week of 2011.  We had a good time trawling the malls and eating all the Krispy Creme doughnuts almost on a daily basis (its not available in Singapore...yet).

I took one afternoon to meet my teapal, Chua (aka auhckw) while my family caught a movie in one of the huge shopping malls in the city.  Chua is very popular in tea forums and is a serious tea and teapot collector.  This time, he took me to a couple of teashops trying out the teas on offer as well as meeting his tea buddies, who were 'hardcore' tea collector enthusiasts as well.  

I was at JDX Tea Distributors Sdn Bhd, the popular teashop which is also the distributor for Menghai Dayi tea (known as Taetea).  I got to sample the special boxed edition of the 2010 Dayi "tien ren ba pu", a raw pu erh cake commemorating the Beijing Opera.  The unique woodsmoke and the aroma of this tea, made me buy a cake immediately.  This tea is really nice.

Yes, from the last pix, you would have deduced that I had carried back close to 5kg of tea home from Malaysia.  I had also purchased a tong of the 2010 Gold Dayi.  My tea buddy, Auhckw, was very generous giving me an old 2000 raw tuo and a pack of the Xiaguan iron cakes (pix 3).  He also gave me many Dayi ripe samples as well.  I am very grateful for his generosity.   I intend to visit him again, real soon, to experience his immense generosity again.  

I will write about the teashops in Malaysia as well as the tea drinkers and collectors there.  Stay tuned. 


Rich said...

What a nice score from your recent old is that yinhao in your picture and do you tend to like aged versions of that tea?

I'm always envious that you and other fellow tea bloggers that live in Asia have relatively convenient access to all things tea. Nice collection!


wilson said...

That yinhao is yr 2000 tuo. I have broke up the tuo and I had already consumed more than half the tuo. A nice tea and will post my findings on this tea in a couple of weeks.