Saturday, April 21, 2012

2007 Dayi 7452 Ripe Pu erh Cake

This is a 2007 Dayi 7452 ripe cake.  Officially known as Taetea nowadays, this cake is a second production (2007) of this recipe - as seen on the reverse of the wrapper 7452 -702.  Dayi had produced this 7452 cake over many years and the recent 2011 production had a thick red string in the cake (yes its a marketing gimmick as the string does not affect the tea in any way).  This ripe pu erh recipe 7452 as well as Dayi 7572 are very popular among ripe pu erh tea drinkers and its common to see Dayi producing several batches of these tea within a production year.

I had purchased this cake when I had visited KL, Malaysia during the last Easter weekend.  I was not very particular over buying a 1st production of the year (in this case a 701) but I settled for a 702 instead.  Its cheaper (10-15%), and I am not buying this tea for resale.  I personally believe there is no significant difference in quality except in its pricing. 

The compression is quite tight but I could break up this tea cake into 8 pieces by hand before storing the tea in a tea caddy.  I use about 8g of this tea for a 190-200ml teapot.

I noticed that, while breaking up the cake, I could detect a sweet scent - a candy-like smell - very pleasant.  I enjoyed drinking this fragrant tea while savoring the nice mellow woody undertones, ending with a sweetish finish.  

I had on 24 July, 2011 blogged on a 2007 Dayi 7572-702, which I had bought in KL Malaysia, as well.  Both these cakes have their own distinct taste.  Personally, I prefer the 7572 for its 'chinese herb' taste.   I would however urged all readers to have a go at a Dayi 7452 cake and experience the pleasing sweet aroma of this pu erh tea.   

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