Thursday, July 12, 2012

Malaysia Tea Art & Cultural Expo 2012 Part 2

One interesting purchase at the tea expo was this 2011 Xiaguan tuo.  This is the "Long Ma" tuo, which meant (I think) - year of the dragon - Malaysia.  You can see the base of the box (pix 3) has the outline of Kuala Lumpur iconic Petronas Tower.  I think this would make a nice addition to my tea collection.

Tea exhibitors that took up a booth at this expo were also invited to submit their teas for a blind test competition.  This meant that a tea dealer or teashop can submit a tea to the tea expo tea fraternity for judging.  The tea are packed in standardized small packets and a numbered sticker is assigned to that tea.  Tea members can participate, test taste and give their judgements on their preferred tea, not knowing the tea belonged to which company, teashop or dealer.  Pix 4 & 5 shows a pu erh that had won gold medal status for 2 years.  This 'Yi Wan Shui' label had won gold, for 2 years.  I have tasted the tea at the expo, with my Malaysian tea buddy Auhckw, and both of us found the tea to be satisfactory.  I will return next year for the next tea expo and will look at this tea again.

I enjoyed coming to this KL tea expo as its location to be in a mall appeals to me.  It is convenient in terms of accessibility, great choice of meals and I could do other things at the mall.  I appreciate the lively atmosphere of the expo participants.  It was very friendly and with little buying pressure, I could, with my Malaysian tea buddies, sample the teas that were on offer and have a great time as well.  

You can see, from the last pix, that I had also purchased a Dayi 2011 raw square brick called the '92 fang-zhuan' based on the popular 1992 fangcha raw pu erh.  

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