Thursday, January 3, 2013

2008 Haiwan 9988 Ripe Brick 250g

Happy New Year 2013.  I had not posted in my tea blog for the past 3 weeks.  I had a good reason - really - I was moving house in Dec, packing all 120+ cartons of stuff and completed the move on Christmas Day morning.  And.....our family went to the airport in the afternoon for a short holiday in Guangzhou.  

I have unpacked most of my stuff and I will show you my tea cupboard and tea brewing space in my later blogs.  At least, it's a relief that I now have my tea sessions back on a regular basis.

I managed to get some tea stuff in Guangzhou during this trip.  While I dropped off my family at the famous 'Wan Ling' mall where my family can buy their goodies, I sneaked away for 2 hours to my fav Guangzhou tea shops to buy my own stuff.  I had called ahead a month earlier to enquire on teas I was interested and had reserved them for pickup when I was in China.  Yes, you can see I had bought another tea tray as well.  (.....also the teapot, an induction kettle set,  a few gaiwans and over 20kg of tea).  The wood grain pattern of the tea tray caught my eye.  Resistance was futile at this point.

The 1st pu I opened in my new place was this 2008 Haiwan 9988 ripe brick.  This Haiwan 9988 ripe pu brick was first introduced in 2008 and have become a mainstay of the Haiwan ripe tea factory, and is produced every year since.  For my new readers, '9988' here refers to a recipe code. So if you liked this tea and want more of it, just asked for Haiwan 9988.  You will usually get the latest version and might have to pay a bit more for the older versions.

This tea makes a nice cup of ripe pu erh tea.  Nothing fancy.  This tea exudes a nice characteristic Haiwan ripe tea scent and a very mild sweet finish.  An inexpensive - cheap and good -  tea.     

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