Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pei Yuen Shui Hsien

This oolong called Pei Yuen Shui Hsien is produced by by the 'Butterfly' brand of Fujian Tea Import &  Export Co Ltd. This 200g tea comes foil packed in a tall metal tin.  You will notice the popular Sea Dyke lao chong shui hsien  125g tea in the background.  I like the tall tin as most of the tea leaves were not crushed during packing and transport.  It is a small chore if you are carrying these tins in your luggage as it does take up considerable space in your suitcase.

I have no idea what the 'Pei Yuan' meant.......it could refer to a place or the taste of the tea.  Its is very pleasant tea.  Oak wood flavors are present in the tea and I found the overall drinking experience of his tea to be very pleasant and nice. This tea does remind me of those wines stored in oak wine barrels and the wine will incorporate that nice oak aroma.  This tea does not leave a harsh or dry finish in the mouth and the nice fragrant aroma of the tea does linger in the mouth for some time.  Good for 5-6 infusions.  The Sea Dyke lao chong is more robust in terms of taste and aroma, while this Pei Yuan version leaves a nice woody finish in the mouth.  Both are very good in my opinion.  The Pei Yuan is less expensive at US$10 a tin.

I am a little upset with tea drinkers who scoff at tinned oolongs.  I would highly recommend you try some of the oolong offerings by Sea Dyke and Butterfly.  I am confident you will be very surprise at the quality and the 'value of money' of these tea.  I have 'tricked' a seasoned oolong tea drinker with 30g of these tea, and he had remarked that this oolong tea must be expensive.

My 2 cents worth of thoughts - do not equate higher price of tea as being better quality.  Its only true 10% of the time.  Taste the tea for yourself before you buy.  You will be a happier customer.  

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