Sunday, May 26, 2013

2007 Yong De Ripe Pu erh

A reader wrote to me commenting on my ripe pu erh blog entries.  He observed that my blogs on ripe pu erh tea were somewhat similar with small differences between the different ripe pu erh tea that I had drank and written.  I am not insulted but very happy instead.....really.

I am happy because one of my purpose on my ripe pu erh blogs was to highlight the differences from one ripe tea cake to another.  Yes, I agree that a cursory look and even a sip of ripe pu look and taste similar.  But for serious ripe pu erh tea drinkers, the differences in the aroma, taste, aftertaste and overall impressions after having a tea session of ripe pu erh is distinct and obvious.  So far, I had came across aromas like a dried dates, longans and even the scent of a new leather bound book (sounds weird but I like that).  I have tasted ripe pu that resemble a double boiled chinese herbal soup or woody like or resembling freshly toasted bread.  Some pu erh may have a vanilla-like or a hint of a creamy taste.  There are so many aromas and taste sensations of ripe pu erh as you can read from my blogs.  My intention of my blogs is share my experiences and adventures from drinking Chinese tea and in a tiny way to help my readers be aware of the different taste and aromas of the teas I had drank, so if a reader may have a particular preference (like he or she may looking for a 'leather' scented pu), it would be helpful.  Yes, we tea drinkers are a little different.  

This 2007 Yong De ripe cake was purchased from Yunnan Sourcing, I think in 2009 and kept till now.  Scott of Yunnan Sourcing had recommended this cake as one of his favorite ripe pu.  I can understand why as this cake is very smooth.  A nice woody aroma with a nice hint of a creamy vanilla scent. Nice warm sensation after the tea session.

But a digress.....The 2013 Tea Expo in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia will be on the 15th June (1 week expo) this year.  Its held at the Tropicana Mall.  I will be there.  I have just booked my air tickets and hotel accomodation.  Tea-jamming time!!!!


Lord SBM said...

Hi Wilson. The tea expo starts from 15 to 21 Jun? Can't seems to find any info online. Thanks :)

wilson said...

You are right that there is little info on the expo online. I have called a Malaysian tea shop and they have confirmed their participation. Hope to see u there!

Lord SBM said...

Thanks for the reply :) Won't be able to make it this year. Have a good time there.