Saturday, June 22, 2013

Malaysia KL Tea Expo 2013 Part 2

You would have observed from the pictures that much tea for sale at the tea expo.  The 1st pix shows some Xiaguan tuo tea being sold, attracting buyers with "buy 2 get an additional one free".  I would like to add that 'knowing your tea and relative prices' would help you determine which deals are best for you.  

One of my Malaysian tea friend, Allan Woon, placed a cake in my hand when I met him at the tea expo (pix 5).  He beamed with pride, telling me he had pressed his own cakes.  Allan is an avid tea drinker and collector, and had pressed some Yiwu old tree pu erh.  This is real passion for chinese tea!

The next Malaysia tea fair is from 12-16 Oct at Viva Shopping Mall, in Kuala Lumpur as well.  Its a tea and coffee expo.  Exhibitors for this Oct expo have also send in their tea for an informal contest.  For sale at 20RM, you get 40 samples and you get to assess the tea.  You will assess the tea in 4 areas; tea leaf, tea soup, taste/aftertaste and aroma. You can see from the last pix, that you are only given the age and type of tea but you will not know the name or the tea dealer of that tea. Winners will be announced on opening day of the tea expo.  Quite a fun exercise.

Having a tea expo at a shopping mall is ideal for me.  I had a Japanese dinner and even watched a late night movie to end a nice day.  Superman did not wear his red undies outside, in this movie.  

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