Friday, August 16, 2013

Tea Trekking In Hong Kong

After my tea stop at Lau Yu Fat Teashop, I took a bus to Sin Fook Teashop.  It was a quick 10 min bus ride.  Formerly located at Kowloon City Shopping Mall, the shop had relocated a few streets away and are now at 83, Tak Ku Ling Road, Kowloon City.  It was not difficult to locate.

But I digress.  2 things you must do while in Hong Kong - 1.  Get an 'octopus' card.  Buy it at train/subway stops. Its a stored value card that allows quick entry/exit of trains, buses and minibuses.  You can use it in supermarkets, covenience stores and at most fast food restaurants.  2.  Get a pre-paid phone card.  I got a 'China Mobile' card on my iPhone (HK$60) where you are loaded with a talk and data facility, and you can use it even in mainland China.  It was invaluable as I use maps and Whatsapp apps frequently during my trip.

Sin Fook Teahouse mainly cater to local tea drinkers and collectors.  Yes, you can sample the teas on sale there.  A fairly good choice of tea and tea accessories are for sale and I enjoyed my visit every time at this teashop.

I managed to meet tea blog celebrity, Marshaln later in the evening in Central, Hong Kong and as usual he was very generous in giving me a 2003 Dayi tuo (last pix).  Thank you.  

Marshaln brought me to Dragon Tea House, a recently opened tea shop.  Located at shop 116, 1F, Welland Plaza, 368 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan.  This shop is a little hard to find, but worth a visit only if you are in the area.

You would also have observed from the last pix that I had also snagged some moon cakes which were available during my trip in Hong Kong.  

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