Saturday, October 26, 2013

Xiaguan Yearbook 2009-2010

Most people will associate the term 'yearbook' with the times spent in school, college and university.  I am sure with your school yearbook, you can recollect your fonder memories of your exuberant youth.  Were you watching Star Wars or Aliens movies?  Maybe you were dancing to Black Eyed Peas or Village People (yes!, there was such a group).  On the television, were you following X-files or the Six Million Dollar Man? (yes again, this was a famous TV series some time ago).

This Xiaguan yearbook 2009-2010 is a record of all the Xiaguan puerh tea produced in 2009-2010.  Beautiful photographs of the pu erh tea and their respective packaging are properly listed.  You will also read a little history of Xiaguan factory.  Its a fascinating book especially if you drink, collect or invest in pu erh. Click pix for larger views. 

Xiaguan tea factory is one of the major puerh tea producers and this yearbook is a testimony of the range of puerh made and sold by Xiaguan in 2009, from tuos, bricks, cakes and even mushroom shaped tuos.  There are many puerh tea drinkers that are fans of Xiaguan tea - I am one of them.  


Unknown said...

Are those yearbooks also in English available?

wilson said...

No English version, but such a tea yearbook is picture intensive with the exception of the chairman's intro and perhaps an article about the tea factory in Chinese. A serious pu erh tea drinker would find such a yearbook useful and entertaining without understanding a word of Chinese. A non-essential purchase.