Monday, November 25, 2013

My Order From Teaurchin

I made an order from  I selected a pu erh tea cake and a tea caddy.  Making a selection from Teaurchin's website was simple.  Payment was made through Paypal site.  My order arrived on 19 Nov, exactly 19 days from placing my order.

I choose a 2013 Bao Tang Pu erh which Eugene and Belle, the proprietors of Teaurchin, had went personally to Yunnan to source this tea.  Eugene warned me in a handwritten note that this tea 'packs a wallop'.  I had also purchased a tea caddy as well.  The unusual design of this tea caddy was simply too irresistible.  

The above pix shows the secure packing of the items I had ordered.  Yes, Eugene did include a complimentary tea sample and a pu erh pick.  The sample was a 2013 Yiwu Year of Snake pu erh tea which Teaurchin had produced. I brewed the sample and found this tea, to my surprise, very bitterness or astringency.  I felt that the tea had very nice floral notes and a nice sweetish aftertaste.  A refreshing tea.

This order came up to US$127 (pu erh $58, tea caddy $49, air freight $20).  


Tea Urchin said...

Glad you enjoyed the puer Wilson! We'll have you drinking young sheng yet! What tea did you end up putting in that tea caddy?

wilson said...

Thank you, Eugene for your comments. I intend to open up, in the next 2 months, the young sheng I ordered from you and put in the the tea caddy. You had mentioned that this raw puerh 'packs a wallop' and I had been thinking about the tea ever since.