Saturday, February 15, 2014

T 4 One

T 4 one. That is my feeble attempt to give a short form twist to the title of this blog. I do feel I have an improved sense of humor in my internet chats as my friends do often roll on the floor laughing (rotfl) during our frequent online conversations.

Tea for one. The pix above shows a 'gaiwan-like' set. The cover acts as a cup (holding about 100ml) when your tea is ready to be poured out. It is quite a useful tea brewing set. I found out that this 'tea for one' set is made from porcelain but does come in a range of designs that may resemble clay, celadon or a high glazed tea set like the one I had purchased. Notice the nice presentation wooden box that came with this tea set.

Making tea is simple with this tea set. It acts as a gaiwan with a easy pour out spout. It does get pretty hot on the fingers so I suggest not to fill hot water to the brim. Very convenient and I could wash this tea set with detergent after use. To me, this is a fancy tea set.....workable and does make a nice conversation piece in the home or office.

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Kenneth Pang said...

Hi, i am a tea lover as well.
This is a nice tea set u have there.