Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Yunnan Trip - My 16kg Souvenir

My Silkair flight to Kunming, Yunnan had allowed me up to 30kg of check-in luggage allowance.  While in Yunnan, I gave serious thoughts of what stuff I wanted to buy and carry back to Singapore.  Prices of pu erh tea especially for the new raw pu erh was astoundingly high (I will talk about tea prices  in a later blog), so I settled for this tea serving set and some tea. 

This 'stone on wood' set weighed a hefty 16 kg (35 lbs) when I placed the box at the airport check-in counters.  You will observe from the pictures that this tea table came in its original wooden box which helped protect the tea set on its flight home. The 2 main items were the stone slab  and the wooden board.  A plastic tube and pump (like those mini hand pump you used to blow off dust on a camera lens) was also included in the box.  Setting up this set was easy.

I was 'wowed' by this set.  It looked elegant.  I felt this set had incorporated the 'stone on wood' concept but was made to look simple and appealing to the eye.  

And...my family actually liked it.

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Cloud Mountain said...

I have almost the same tea tray at my shop. I'm sure you paid a lot less than what I paid.