Sunday, July 27, 2014

2006 Langhe 9579 Ripe Pu erh

I am impressed with the pu erh produced by Langhe Tea Factory.  The ripe and raw cakes I had drank (see my earlier blogs) were to me, very good and this ripe cake I had opened was not a disappointment either.

This is a 2006 Langhe ripe cake.  Unlike wines where names are given to the wines, pu erh cakes are named with a 4 digit number, which in this instance is 9579.  Yes, it is quite difficult to remember these numbers especially when these numbers are only used by a specific tea factory, and tracking down such teas may be a challenge when you are in a teashop.

This Langhe 9579 has a nice strong wood and herb scent.  I like this tea as it is a nice tea to brew and drink in the evening.  Very smooth and has a calming effect after a tea session.  

Singapore readers will be happy to know that Amoy tea (relocated to Block 48, Sims Place) has some of this inexpensive tea in their stock.  

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