Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year

I wish all my readers Happy Chinese New Year.  Today is eve of Chinese New Year and it is a tradition that every Chinese will try to be home for the traditional new year eve family dinner reunion.  Of course, mothers and grandmothers will whipped up delicious dinners.  No we do not have turkeys for the dinner, but most families will have traditional Chinese dishes.  

I had managed to join a group of local tea drinking friends (we hardly meet) and we have started a yearly gift exchange, where everyone contribute a tea or tea ware and we get one exchanged gift after our tea gathering session.  Yes, I would like to do a gift exchange with my foreign readers as well, and if you are interested….let's do a gift exchange (maybe restricting value to under $20).  One more thing….I will be in Hong Kong and Guangzhou this coming spring ...…any one wants to join me for a week of tea adventures?  Drop me an email.

Time to go for my family reunion dinner.  Happy New Year.  I wish everyone happiness and good health.

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Cwyn said...

Oh yes Hong Kong, would you like a fat old lady? Didn't think so but it is worth a try right?? Happy New Year, Wilson! Cheers from Cwyn