Sunday, March 22, 2015

Guangzhou Adventures 2015 - Fang Yuan Pai Teapots

I took a vacation last week and spent 10 days just exploring tea in Guangzhou and Hong Kong.  It was an unusually pleasant experience to drink so much tea all day long.

I was privileged that I knew a collector that owned some Fang Yuan Pai teapots.  Fang Yuan Pai teapots were the only authorized teapots that were made for the commercial market during the communist era in the 1960s to early 1990s (link).  He allowed me to handle his collection and photographed them.  I had bought one of my teapots there and included it in a teapot group photograph (pix 15).

My collector friend even treated me to one of his rare teas, a green tea called Jing Shan Tea.  This tea is grown by monks at Jing Shan temple near Hangzhou and is mainly drank by the monks in the temple.  Devotees are sometimes given these tea when they visit the temple.  These tea are produced in small quantities and are not for sale.  Notice the unusual curled tea leaves.  I found the tea fresh tasting with nutty characteristics of a good longqing tea.   

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