Monday, September 14, 2015

Small Yixing Tea Trays

I bought these 2 small tea trays last month.  These tea trays are really small.  These trays come with removable lids where you can easily discard the tea waste and clean these trays without any difficulty.

I could just manage to squeeze a small teapot and 2 tiny teacups on one tray.  For those who like to brew their tea in a 'standing room' style or where real estate is scarce, and there is no room or table space to brew your tea, these tea trays would be most suitable (ideal even) for your tea brewing sessions.

While I was taking pictures of these tea trays, it crossed my mind that these tea trays could have been cricket boxes.  Keeping crickets was a hobby in China and crickets were kept as pets and taken out for 'gladiatorial battles' with other crickets.  I have seen porcelain cricket containers that were somewhat shaped like these small tea trays (early 90s), but my checks with my China tea drinker friends indicated that these yixing trays were for brewing tea.  These trays were made in the 80s or 90s and keeping of crickets was not an activity practiced during the stricter government controls of that period.  

I would recommend using these small tea trays just to stand your teapot during tea brewing sessions.  I personally would use bigger tea trays for my tea brewing session.  Bigger trays are more practical for me, and the bigger space is visually more appealing, more calming when I sit down for my cup of tea.  

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