Monday, November 2, 2015

JDX Teashop - Kepong Outlet

I was on a business trip last month and I had managed to squeeze one afternoon in Kuala Lumpur to meet my old tea buddy Auhckw for lunch. As we were in the Kepong vicinity, Auhckw bought me to JDX teashop, the first distributor of Taetea (we tea drinkers call this brand 'Dayi') in Malaysia.

This very big teashop is now transformed into a Taetea showroom. It is massive - a Dayi wonderland. It's much bigger than the Dayi shops I had visited in Guangzhou. I would recommend a visit for any Dayi tea drinker or collector if you are in Malaysia and get your Dayi tea refills here.

Dayi tea is very popular among Malaysian tea collectors. Many Dayi tea friends I know, actually invest by buying cartons of Dayi tea and selling them for a tidy profit when the prices of their tea appreciates. I know that some of these older Dayi tea are re-exported back to China as well. One of the main reasons is that the year-round  hot and humid climate of Malaysia is conducive to pu erh storage and many tea drinkers think that a pu erh tea cake stored in Malaysia ages twice as fast than a same tea stored in China.

Well I am happy that I am living in this region and I can easily have my fill of Malaysian stored tea.

Address of the JDX teashop in Kepong:
44, Block C, Vista Magna, Jalan Prima, Metro Prima (Jalan Kepong), 52100, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Cwyn N said...

How about the markup? How does the retail compare to what you've seen on your trips to China?

wilson said...

Thanks Cwyn for dropping by. Interestingly enough, prices of tea in Malaysia is slightly cheaper than in mainland China. New Sea Dyke oolongs are cheaper outside China as well. The weaker Malaysian currency against the stronger RMB this year, has even made Malaysian tea more attractive. You have the added bonus that the tea is a Malaysian storage tea as well. Caveat - you must know your tea and tea prices.

Merv Clarke said...

Thanks for sharing this information! Very hard to find good tea spots in Malaysia via google.

Thank You