Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Kanglaiyan White Tea Cake

White tea, in the past 3 years, saw a renewed interest by Chinese tea drinkers.  A few tea shops I patronized, told me that their white tea, especially the older ones were snapped up by tea drinkers and collectors.  Old white tea, if stored well, has a mellow and aromatic scent.  White tea sounds delicate, but do not underestimate this tea.  My mother complained she was wide awake at midnight (I did not tell her she had white tea in the evenings on 2 separate occasions) and had to watch TV for a while before she turned in for the night.  

This 250g white tea cake is produced in Fujian China by Kanglaiyan tea factory.  I had purchased this cake in 2010 and had decided to open it up last month.  

You will have noticed that this tea cake is composed of quite a number of larger leaves (thumb size).  This white tea, when brewed, is aromatic, like a bouquet of fresh flowers and dried herbs. The aftertaste is sweet.  10g of this tea can easily brew up a liter of tea that pairs well with a Chinese dinner.

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