Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Malaysia KL Da Hong Hua Tea Expo 2016 Part 2

One of the booths in this tea expo belonged to Long Bean Terminal.  Yes, the owner calls himself 'long bean' and he is an extremely cheerful new friend I made while at the tea expo.  Long Bean is the distributor of 'Fu Lu Yuan' pu erh tea.  This tea is made by Deng Shi Hai, who is regarded as a pu erh tea master.  Mr Deng, now residing in Taiwan, had produced a series of pu erh tea and you can see some of his products in the 1st 3 pix.  Long Bean treated us to the 2007 edition.  Did you noticed the hario kettle used in the 4th pix?

At the Xiaguan booth, I got to try their new puerh labelled as 'yuan ye' translated as original leaf.  The Xiaguan manager told me that this pu erh tea was harvested from wild trees.  Note the larger leaves in the pix.  I thought I saw a couple of huang piang in the cake.  Slightly bitter but nice.  

The gentleman brewing tea, in the red tee, is also a new friend made at the tea expo.  Michael is the owner of Vintage Kei Tsui Marketing, and he brewed the 2007 Dayi raw 'secret/special' aroma cake for my tea drinking group.  Notice the tea tray used for brewing tea.  Michael also showed us a tea tray for sale (see last 2 pix). Click the picture for a larger view.  It looked like a vintage footed porcelain plate.  About a foot in length, this plate had been modified into a tea tray.  A hole was drilled through the middle and a copper attachment was attached at the bottom, where you can run a plastic tube under the plate, through another cut up groove at the base, and use this porcelain piece as a brewing tea tray.  Quite ingenious but Chinese porcelain collectors will be  mortified at such modifications made to this vintage piece.     

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