Monday, October 17, 2016

Moleskine Tea Journal

I am a supporter of Moleskine products.  In fact my family are using the 'Moleskine diary'. My daughters who are still in school found the 18 month diary very useful as it starts from July to the following year. My kids would technically start using the diary  from their 1st day of university in July jotting down datelines or any event they needed to attend.  Yes, I know that our smartphones could do these functions well…..perhaps maybe it is an old habit that my family had not fully let go.

Moleskine came out with a 'Tea Journal'.  The binding is impressive; leather-like with teapot images decorated on the covers.  Moleskine also came out with a series of hobby journals like beer, coffee, gardening, dog, cat, restaurant and travel journals.  There are many other hobbies journals and Moleskine is hoping to reach out to a wider audience.  

I purchased this  'Tea Journal' last month.  This journal
had included information on history of tea, tea types, brewing and vocabulary on tea.  It had even had tabulated sections where one can record (or review) a tea, tea shop, recipes and key in your tea collection.  There were also 202 labels to 'personalize your journal'.

However, there are some things I did not like about this 'Tea Journal'
a)  it is obvious that this journal was a rushed job.  Some material on tea was incorrect and a little hilarious, to me at times.  Here are a few funny errors:

"The highest-grade oolongs of all are 'Monkey Picked' oolongs.  Legendarily, monkeys were trained to climb high up into the tea tree to pick the youngest leaves."

"Chesty - Having the smell or aftertaste from the wooden chest in which the tea was packed"

b)  The printing of the material was extremely faint and it could have been better.

My overall impression of this 'Tea Journal' is fairly good.  Do check it out when you see this journal on sale in stores.  


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