Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bunga Kangkong Porcelain

'Bunga Kangkong' is actually Malay for spinach flowers. Kangkong here is a spinach hybrid that is a popular vegetable eaten in South East Asia.  The flowers of this plant are depicted on the porcelain (see the pictures above). 

This porcelain was made in China around the early 1990s.  The difference among the various Chinese porcelain that I had handled was that this porcelain employed the use of 'transfer' in the decoration of the porcelain.  This meant that the decoration are not hand painted (traditionally) but used 'sticker' technology.  This decoration style meant that the flowers among the various porcelain would be quite identical from each other.  Hand painted decorations can be quite different on one teacup when compared to another similar teacup.  'Transfer' decorations are now commonly seen and used by modern porcelain makers around the world.  

The 1st picture shows a bunga kangkong teapot and some teacups.  They are very pretty.  If you are in South East Asia, you can still find these porcelain easily available in shops or general department stores.  They are very inexpensive and will make good souvenirs for a  tea drinker/porcelain collector.  

We will know very soon who the next president of USA will be.  I am very fascinated with this election and I had been following the debates quite closely.  I intend to brew pots of tea and watch the results unfold on my tele.  

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