Monday, January 2, 2017

2004 CNNP Raw Wild Pu erh

Happy New Year 2017.

I opened a 2004 CNNP raw pu erh cake to welcome the new year.  I had purchased this cake last month In Malaysia while I was at the tea expo.  There is a red chop  on the wrapper indicating the pu erh is composed of wild harvested puerh.  I had never seen this cake before and it was even more intriguing that the inner label or neofei is a yellow mark 'cha' which is different from the outer wrapper which showed a green 'cha'.  

I was surprisingly impressed with this tea when I unwrapped the 357g cake.  I bought this cake without sampling and the cake gave off a strong camphor, old book leather scent.  This tea brews very strong.  I enjoy old pu erh that brews strong and heavy in aroma. I could detect mild sweaty and slightly intoxicating sensations.  This cake is well stored in Malaysia; a clean and dry cake.  A lucky buy in that I purchased a couple of these cakes without sampling.  

But I digress.  I am grateful to everyone that supported my online tea store that I opened in July 2016.  The response was extremely gratifying.  Thank you.  I had noted your feedbacks and I will 'put out more tea, new and old especially the obscure ones as well'.  I will be introducing next week 2 raw pu erh which I enjoy very much.  Thank you once again and Happy New Year 2017. 


Daniel said...

Oh dear, wild Puer! I would so buy one if you put a cake out! Keep up your great work! ^~^/

Aardvark Cheeselog said...

Would this be referred to as "yellow in green?"