Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kunming adventures part 3

Even though this was my 1st visit to kunming (I hope to make another one later this year), my impression of the people and city is very good.  The people are warm and very friendly.  The food is really fantastic in terms of price, quality, quantity, freshness and variety.  I kid you not when a very good served dinner for 6 in a classy restaurant will cost less than US$50.  

The tea houses, tea showrooms, tea retailers, wholesalers is a goldmine to visit when you are a tea junkie like me.  You see traditional tea shops with very simple displays to those modernised ones with neon lights, full shop glass fronts displays.  These retailers do welcome you to try out their teas, which I strongly recommend to any tea visitor like myself before I part with my money in buying a tea.  Most of the tea stores do not carry those teas you see on the internet like mengku, xiaguan....etc.  There are however so many brands, packaging and loose tea in huge boxes that  overwhelmed me.  One of the most popular puerh tea that is drunk on the locals is the loose ripe tea gongting puerh tea( I will explain more about gongting in my later blogs). The last pix, is a  2002  puerh  tea which I purchased  from a very small tea shop after trying out the tea.

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