Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kunming adventures part 4

There was a tea shop in  kunming that was promoting a teapot to me.  The owner started to show me all the qualities of the teapot and told me he used these similar teapots (more than a year)for sampling tea.  I was keen on one teapot and managed to buy a teapot he has used for sampling ripe puerh tea instead.  Look at the 1st 2 pix and the tea patin(stain).

Another unusual purchase was a chinese chess set made from compressed puerh tea leaves.  The chess set weighs about 1.5 kg for the chess set with each chessmen made from compressed tea measuring about 3 inches across.  I was reminded many times by the shopkeeper not to brew tea from the chess set as it is from extremely low quality tea.  It really smells good though. 

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