Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tea filled tangerine

The owner of a local chinese tea shop gave me this tea.  A sniff of the tea wrapper reminded me of oranges rather than tea.  This is the "gold horse brand" of tea stuffed in a dried tangerine.  This tea, made from loose ripe pu erh tea, is stuffed in a dried hollowed out tangerine.
The description on the wrapper call this tea "nee er siang" - translates as scent of a lady.  

This tea is slightly bigger than a ping pong ball.  I sliced the tangerine in half and use just one half of the tea leaves to brew a pot of tea(200ml).  The tea is not bitter and is pleasant.  I found this tea reminded me of earl gray tea, but with the citrus scent and taste up a few notches.

This inexpensive tea filled tangerine can be easily bought from chinese tea shops or on the internet.  I would recommend this tea to tea drinkers who like their tea to have a citrus scent or to buy it to add variety to their tea collection.   I found the tangerine scent to be strong , in a sense that the tangerine aroma took centre stage than the tea.  I could easily make 5 drinkable infusions from this brew.  

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Anonymous said...

Like Earl Grey? That's good to know. Just with an even stronger orange flavor than that. I think I'd prefer an unflavored Pu-erh if this was my alternative. --Spirituality of Tea