Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My order from Awazon

Awazon is another tea supplier (also on ebay) which I get my tea.  This company operates from Kunming, China.  They sell mainly teas that come from Yunnan.  Awazon has a good range of tea mainly pu erh.  Awazon is run by a husband and wife team (surname zhang).   Both are knowledgable in  pu erh tea.  They have produced their own housebrand of pu erh tea, and have received very good reviews in the local Kunming papers on their jingmai and manjing cakes. Overall,  I have found their tea prices and packaging satisfactory.  

My recent order from Awazon arrived in good order.  You will observe from the pix that the packing is generally acceptable.  The tea is well packed to prevent movement during transit (so you will not  get broken cakes).  In addition the  tea cakes are bubble wrapped and sealed; ripe and raw cakes are separated.  A pack of yunnan "white hair silver needle" tea also came packed in an aluminium foil.  

Tea joke - What is the teapots' fave movie ?

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Anonymous said...

I will be looking for Awazon. I too am interested in companies selling Pu-erh direct from China. I found one I like, Tuo Cha Tea dot com. Their prices are so cheap it's totally crazy.