Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chinese Tea Playing Cards

When you visit the major tourist attractions in China, there will usually be stalls near entrances of these attractions selling souvenirs for the tourist to purchase as a momento.  In China, these stalls sell playing cards with different Chinese themes.  You can purchase a set of cards with themes like Chinese emperors, old paintings, calligraphy, Chinese cuisine and even Chinese tea. 

I had purchased 2 decks of playing cards with Chinese tea themes during my last visit to China.  An inexpensive purchase, I recall, just under US$2 per deck.  Click on the above pix for an enlarged view.  You can see these playing cards shown have pictures of old paintings related to tea.  I also noticed in the deck,  that there were other pictures of teapots and as well as places of tea cultivation.

If you happen to be in China, do consider buying a deck of playing cards.  Make a cool gift for a tea drinker.

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