Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Tea Gift

My neighbour got back from Malaysia and got me a gift. Knowing that I was a little nutty over tea, the gift was tea-related themed.

This 1st pix was a bottle of gum that is 'green tea flavored'. My kids tried it and the feedback was that it tasted like a sweet toothpaste. I suppose this gum is appropriate if you have consumed a garlic dish or some seafood and you need a quick breath freshener.

The 2nd pix was slightly more interesting - green tea shampoo. The label (click for enlarged view) on the shampoo caught my eye - "used by strongest hair woman". Now what am I going to I may now have the strongest hair too (after using the shampoo). Let me count the ways. Making whipped tea or tying up my tea boxes. What a yucky thought.

I am sure there will be many more interesting and innovative uses for tea other than drinking it. Stay tuned.

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