Friday, June 10, 2011

Kee Heung Chun Tea Co.

Kee Heung Chun Tea Co. is located at 30A Belcher's Street, Hong Kong. It is located in the Kennedy Town district. It takes less than 15 min by taxi if you start from Tsim Sha Shui.

This tea company is owned by and run by the Lam family (since 1938), now into its 3rd generation. Mr Parker Lam and his wife, as seen in the pix represents the second generation and their son Derek Lam is the current managing director of this tea company.

I visited this tea shop in late April this year and had the privilege of both Mr & Mrs Parker Lam showing me their shop and having a tea sampling session that afternoon.

A couple of things to note when you view the pix (click for enlarged views) - Mrs Lam used her favorite side handle teapot when she brewed pu erh. I have rarely seen such teapots and in action as well. More importantly, note in pix 3 the clear water canister on the right of Mrs Lam. It is common that in Hong Kong, drinking water is usually dispensed from bottled water and the water is usually distilled water. The Lams 'mineralised' the water by putting mineral stones in the water jug and having the water in the jug for at least a couple of hours. These stones, I was informed, are hand selected from the remote river systems in Mongolia. I have heard of such 'mineralising' stones and its a fascination seeing it in use. Ahem - I bought a large packet of these stones. More on these stones in my later blogs.

Kee Heung Chun Tea Co. has a very wide assortment of teas available for sale and there is no pressure to buy after the tea sampling sessions. However, I would like to recommend their supreme TGY (pix 5). It is the traditional, robust, full aroma and flavor tgy. For traditional roasted tgy, I am extremely impressed with the quality and will make repeat purchases of this tea when I am in Hong Kong. Maybe the teapot in pix 4 as well. Anyway Mr Lam informed me that their supreme tgy is normally re-roasted by Mr Lam himself in the tea shop when new shipments arrived, so as to ensure the super taste and aroma standards of this tea.

Worth a visit.

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