Thursday, June 30, 2011

A flawed design teapot

If you have been reading my blog entries, I tend to be positive with my thoughts and findings on the topic of tea. I had recently returned from Malaysia last week after attending the tea expo there and had brought back some tea (slightly more than 3 kg).

One of the tea purchased was some aged Liu Bao. Liu Bao tea is fermented black tea originating from Guangxi province. It has many similar characteristics of ripe pu erh and there are stories of unscrupulous tea dealers passing off Liu bao tea as expensive ripe pu erh.

Anyway, I had purchased this teapot locally. You can observe from the pix (click pix for enlarged view) that its a nice teapot. The design and color of the teapot is pleasing to the eye and I had no hesitation paying for this 500ml+ teapot.

The design flaw of the teapot became painfully obvious when I brewed some of my precious Liu Bao in this teapot. The mouth of the spout is higher than the lip of the teapot (see blog sept 2, 2010, anatomy of a teapot). As a result, when I tip the teapot to pour out the tea, some tea will spill out from the lip. I tried to slow down the pour but it was quite a futile excercise. Now you know why, you should not buy teapots of such designs.

My wife is happily using this teapot for her plants. Nuff said.

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