Friday, July 8, 2011

Qiu Xiang Tea (M) Sdn Bhd

Qiu Xiang Tea (M) Sdn Bhd. has 4 tea branches in Malaysia; 3 in KL city and one in Klang. This was one of the tea shops that auhckw had recommended to me to visit during my visit to KL last month.

Readers would be familar with 'Auhckw'. Yes, he is the famous contributor of Chinese Tea information on the internet. He is prolific in his contribution on Chinese Tea. He takes lots of pictures and shares much information about Chinese Tea and on the tea market in Malaysia. He impressed me as very thoughtful and generous. A new good tea friend.

I had stayed in the Chinatown district during my stay in KL as I enjoyed browsing through the daily night market there. At the night market, I could have a piping plate of fried noodles, select and buy from a wide choice of fresh local fruits, purchase a bag of freshly roasted chestnuts, shop for 'luxury' bags and watches all on one street. the day, just a street away, there is a cluster of Chinese teashops that made me grin from ear to ear.

Qiu Xiang has an outlet on Jalan Sultan. I was there late morning, and a Ms Chen was manning the shop. This tea shop was well organized with a good range of pu erh tea. They even have their house 'pu erh' as seen in pix 4 & 5 (they have quite a good range of house pu erh).

Ms Chen provided a tea sampling session of their house tea. The video showed Ms Chen brewing their house brand '08 ripe pu erh (pix 5). I noticed 2 things about the tea session. The water used was always at boiling point (which I approve). I also observed that the infusion time was quite long.....10 seconds +. She has used about 6-7 g in her gaiwan. She explained that this tea tasted best with a longer infusion time unlike the other ripe teas in the shop. This tea was very good.

I left Qiu Xiang happily with 3 cakes of tea.


Anonymous said...

I just found this site while drinking some Fuhai ripe cake and doing a little googling to see who is drinking similar stuff.

There's something relaxing about a blog which emphasises shu. Like yourself, I have many ripe cakes, Fuhai, Menghai, Nanjian etc and wouldn't be without them. I suppose if you talked more sheng there'd be more comment and controversy here, but I like your blog the way it is. (And I love my sheng!)

By the way, I find cooked puerh ages very nicely, if slowly, here in coastal NSW. It's surprising that many people think shu is only aged to get rid rid of its pondiness. I have a Liming brick of very coarse leaves which is now at least twelve, and it continues to improve.

So thank you, Wilson, and well done. Don't be surprised if more people read than comment. That's just the nature of cooked puerh: more drinking, less fretting and arguing.



js said...

Dear Mr. wilson,

I'm interested this tea shop.
Today I tried to visit Jalan Pudu branch, but couldn't find it.

So, could you tell me where shop you mention in this page is ? If you know address and phone number, please tell me it also ?



wilson said...


This shop is located in Chinatown. Address Selangor Complex. Jalan Sultan. Ground floor. Tel 03-20310749. You can also call them for directions to their other outlets in KL. Hope this helps. Wilson

js said...


Many thank and sorry for late reply.
I could find the shop !