Sunday, February 12, 2012

2000 Yin Hao Raw 100g Tuo

I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last December.  I had the privilege that Auhckw, the famous tea forum contributor, brought me to visit a couple of teashops , sampling the teas and meeting his tea pals as well.  He also gave me this 12 year old tuo (thank you).  

This 2000 Yin Hao tuo is described by Auhckw as "We have tasted this many times and we find that this is a good tea. Taste has gotten smooth and has Camphor (Zhang Xiang) taste. Price is not very cheap but still affordable. I bought some to test @ home. If its good, will topup more. Save me 10 years of waiting for my other new tea to age."

This tea has many qualities of a nice raw tea.  It has a nice aromatic light floral citrus-like scent together with a pleasant hint of smokiness.  Sipping the tea is also enhanced by a light camphor aroma.  There is a nice mildly bitter-sweet taste in this tea but drinking it resulted in a nice pleasant sweet finish.    I could detect traces of astringency in the tea but with a couple more years of storage, I am sure that this tuo would be better if not more expensive.  This 12 year old tuo now retails close to 50rm (about US$15).  

A brew of this tea yielded me about 8 good drinking infusions.  Yes, the compression of this tuo is high and you would need your tea tools to break up the tuo.  

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Rich said...

Hi Wilson, good review, promising tea. I really like older yinhao. Do you know if there's a website for the teashop that you ordered from?