Saturday, February 25, 2012

2007 Kunming Tea Factory Ripe Pu erh

No, this is not a vintage pu erh.  This is a 2007 Kunming tea factory ripe pu erh cake.  I had purchased this cake in Hong Kong in 2008 at Sin Fook Tea house.  The proprietor had told me that this was a new cake.  As there was no manufacturing date on the wrapper, my guess would be this pu erh was most probably a 2007 or 2008.  

I could break up the cake by hand.  It just took me less than 5 minutes to break them up to small pieces and had the tea stored in my tea caddy. 

After making a few brews of this tea, I recommend that more tea leaves be used when you brew this tea.  This will increase the aroma factor to a more herbal like scent. What I like about this tea is that it has a calming effect after I had consumed 3-4 infusions of the tea.  No, I did not felt like some tranquilized animal but it seemed the tea had given me a couple of seconds of bliss.  Nice.  I know this sounds weird or crazy, but to me, this is what drinking chinese tea is all about - it makes me happy......going through the whole tea making sequence and drinking the brew......even its just for a few minutes.  Just like the little boy in the last pix.

Time to brew a a pot of tea.

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