Monday, March 5, 2012

Long Run Trading - A Malaysian Tea Shop

During my last visit to Kuala Lumpur last December.  My Malaysian tea friends brought me to a couple of popular teashops which they patronized.  A few of these well known teashops are located in the Kepong district.  It is not very easy for a tourist tea drinker to visit this area ( no direct train) as it is located in the suburbs.  The best way is to take a cab there.

Long Run Trading is a popular teashop that is patronized by my tea friends.  This shop is owned by Mr Lim Yong Yak. Located at 32 Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 2, Taman Usahawan, Kepong,  Mr Lim is a very friendly proprietor and I was privileged to had Mr Lim personally brew some of his favorite teas for my tea session there.  

Pix 3 shows one side of his shop wall that had some of the tea for sale.  Pix 4 is a 2004 ripe 7262 cake that was retailing at 60rm (about US$20). 

Mr Lim is very knowledgable in his tea and his jovial personality had made my visit to his shop a memorable one.  I purchased a bag of 5 raw tuo before leaving his shop (more on this tea in my later blogs).

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