Monday, December 21, 2015

2007 Taetea Dayi 7592

This is a Taetea (aka Dayi) ripe cake.  Produced by Menghai Tea factory in 2007, this Dayi (logo name) tea cake blend is call 7592.  4 digit names were commonly used especially by Dayi to name their teas.  Some very popular dayi tea cakes include 7542, 8582 and 7572.  

This Dayi 7592 is a ripe cake.  I had kept it in a large brown envelope and it had been sitting in my tea cupboard for about 6 years.   I had taken pix of the cake to show you a few pointers of identifying a real Dayi.  Yes, older or more expensive Dayi have fakes and I always advised my tea friends and readers if they are buying Dayi tea, to only buy from authorized retailers or from a reputable tea shop.  Dayi wrapped their tea cakes in a unique way (see pix 3).  The Dayi sticker and neifei changes with each year and you must know the characteristics of these labels.  Newer labels will have special marking that will only show under a UV light.  

Back to this tea.  This is a very traditionally made ripe tea cake, blended well and will satisfy the ripe tea drinker.  One of the best Dayi cakes I had drank this year.  Nothing fancy, just a very aromatic and smooth ripe tea that had me drinking this tea on a daily basis for the past one week.  

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