Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sea Dyke Yizhi Chun

Oolong tea drinkers would tell you that the 4 most famous oolong varieties are Tie Lo Han, Da Hong Pao, Bai Ji Guan and Shui Jin Gui.  Tea that are harvested from Wuyi Shan are highly sought after as these tea originated from this region and are considered to be of high quality.  

There are many other varieties of oolong that are enjoyed by the oolong drinking community and some of these oolong would include Rougui, Shui Hsien, Buddha Palm, Pan Shen Yao (aka half waist tea) and Chien Li Xiang (thousand mile fragrance). There are many other varieties of tea and I will try to introduce these oolong to my readers whenever I can lay my hands on them.  

One oolong variety is Yizhi Chun (aka a sprig of spring). Sea Dyke tea recently came out with a batch of these tea selling them in paper boxes containing 125g of Yizhi Chun in each box.  Inexpensive.  

You will noticed that this tea is rolled and highly roasted.  The rolled tea leaves, is appropriate in that packing the tea in paper boxes will see little damage to the tea leaves during transit.  If the tea leaves were not rolled,  a buyer would end up with a fair amount of broken leaves.  

I use about 9-10g of tea to a 150ml teapot.  The high roast made this tea very aromatic, almost resembling coffee essence.  It is very flavorful and makes this tea a  value for money purchase.  This tea is very good in both aroma and flavor.  When I brew oolongs, I can appreciate the different nuances, the subtle differences in taste and character of each tea, but for this Sea Dyke Yizhi Chun, even though this is a very delicious high roasted tea, I could not detect any defining characteristic feature of Yizhi Chun from the tea session.  

Readers will know that I am a fan of Sea Dyke tea.  Sea Dyke had been producing their oolong using traditional methods and their tea has been exported worldwide.     Sea Dyke had recently came out with a premium series of oolong harvested from Wuyi regions which I am impressed.  I will introduce these tea to my readers next year.  

But I digress….I will be in Toronto and St John NB during the Christmas week and if you like to have a tea session with me, please let me know so I can bring some tea for our meet up.  Thank you.


Cwyn said...

Oh Wilson. You'd have to bring the Sea Dyke herself, or at least some better tea than this for me to go to Toronto. :D

Pleasant journeys!

wilson said...

I normally do not carry tea when I travel as I get my fix of tea when I visit tea shops and tea gatherings in Malaysia, Hong Kong or Guangzhou. Yes…Its Christmas week. I will bring some old tea with a gaiwan. When I was in the US last year, I had difficulty in getting good hot water for tea, as I could only get hot water from those fancy coffee dispenser in hotel rooms and the water had a coffee scent.
Pray do tell….what tea or teaware will encourage you to make the trip to Toronto?
Thank you for dropping by, Cwyn. Looking forward every time to reading your posts on tea.

Cwyn said...

Any chance of that stone tea table? Didn't think so. Tea is terrible everywhere in the west. Bring your best, most expensive and least likely to share. :)