Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A pair of mirror tea caddies

Chinese porcelain collectors would know that the larger Chinese porcelain pieces are sometimes made in pairs and have 'mirror' characteristics.  No, I am not talking here about mirror reflections where you asked the porcelain on the fairness of your appearance.  Rather, the pictures or illustrations on these paired pieces are a 'mirror' or each other.  This means you will, as an example, notice a bird or phoenix looking or flying towards the right, while the other porcelain piece will have the phoenix  looking or flying towards the left.  Other common 'mirror' images would include a person or a group of people moving or looking right with the other porcelain piece having moving/ looking left characteristics.  

Mirror pair porcelain are often found in vases, jars, stools and even tea caddies.  This unusual pair of tea caddies made in the 80s, is 8 sided with illustrations of the 8 immortals legend.  These tea caddies are decorated in a bluish green background with auspicious bats as a border around the caddy.  Interior of the tea caddy is not decorated.   The finish and illustrations are a bit on the rough side but nevertheless do make for a very pretty pair of tea caddies.  Height of tea caddy is 10 inches which will comfortably store a complete broken-up pu erh tea cake.  

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