Sunday, April 3, 2016

2008 Wu-I Chen Chung Shui Hsien

This 125g shui hsien comes packed in a paper wrapper, nicely wrapped like a brick. This is the 2008 Wu-I Chen Chung Shui Hsien produced by Xiamen Tea Import and Export Co Ltd. This particular oolong product had been discontinued and I was a little lucky to lay my hands on a few packets of this tea. It was a little tough to find these tea but I managed to located a few packets from 3 tea shops in Malaysia.

This tea is good. This high roasted oolong is very mellow with a pleasant complication, in the aroma and taste, of chinese medicinal herbs and dried fruits. The tea produces a nice salivating effect and the aroma lingers nicely in the mouth after the tea session. This tea has that aged dimension in the taste which reaffirmed that good high roasted oolong would age to a very good tea and satisfy the serious oolong drinker. Old traditionally made oolong can get very expensive and are highly sought after by oolong tea collectors around the world. Be prepared to pay more than US$1000 per kilo for old oolongs made in the late 80s and early 90s.

During my tea sessions with my various tea groups overseas, I became aware of the various styles of brewing oolong, in terms of ratio of tea leaves to size of teapot. I will share my findings in a blog entry later this year. For this tea, I used 7g of oolong in a 110ml tea pot.

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