Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Can a serious tea drinking person be into tea without owning teapots?

Tea celebrity James of TeaDB commented on my previous blog entry and his comments are reproduced in full below. I shall give my reply in another blog. Thank you, James for your thought provoking comments.

Hi Wilson,

I think you referenced one of my recent posts. I think we mainly agree about most of this. But in regards to the importance of teapots, I'd respectfully share a few of my thoughts and push back a little bit.

In my opinion, good Yixing can improve a session. I also use Yixing for a significant majority of my own sessions so I'm certainly not a total skeptic. I also do believe that it's importance can be overly inflated.

My post was written towards people newish to Chinese tea and/or pu'erh. The cost of good clay pots can be quite high and getting a $200 teapot is often seen as a significant barrier towards trying Chinese tea, when I think it'd be better if it wasn't.

From what I've seen, a fair number of people just starting will end up with cheap pots that they'll stop using at some point. You could argue this is necessary just as tuition tea is.. But.. I'd argue newer people would be better off focusing more on tea rather than concerning themselves with the intricacies of the teaware market.

Can a serious tea drinking person be into tea without owning teapots? This is a harder question, but I do think it is possible. I have a good tea friend that's been into tea for several years.. They have a couple pots, but when resources are limited he just about always ends up buying tea. Having old, nice pots is a nice thing to have but I also don't think it is a 100% requirement to be considered a serious tea person. I'd argue it is a luxury more than a 100% requirement.



Cwyn said...

I am certainly aware of Mr. Schergen's view, but knowing your collection how are you feeling about these ideas? Also, did your wife read this post.

Truly I find more humor in your posts than anywhere else. Keep it up! Thank you :)

Matt said...


I think James' initial post which he thinks you referenced in your last post was actually referencing my somewhat recent posts on "teapot minimalism"... hahaha

In one of those posts I comment on "my hero" who is a serious tea drinker who drinks expensive puerh tea using nothing but a metal basket filter and a metal fork in a mug... that person was actually me...

And who did that person ask to source him a new Yixing teapot... you....


I can't wait for your response, its going to be funny!