Monday, April 6, 2009

Green Tea Chocolate & Ginseng Oolong

I got this chocolate bar from Japan and you see this very popular brand incorporating green tea in their wafer bars.  It really taste good with a nice flavor of the green tea.  I also bought green tea sold in a pepper shaker.  The sales people at the japanese supermarket had me buying the tea after a tasting session.  You just have to sprinkle ( or give 2 shakes) into a small teacup, add hot water and presto....a good tasting green tea.   While in Japan, I also took the opportunity to purchase local pastries and cakes and marvel at the intricate packaging done to every piece of cake and confectionary.

Ginseng Oolong Tea.  The name itself initially made me have a second look at this tea.  The unique combination of ginseng and oolong is a pleasant one.  The floral scent of the oolong now has a slight herbal-like scent and a sweet aftertaste.  You would have to allow more longer infusion times for this tea brew to allow the oolong leaves to open and release the ginseng powder.  Water must be boiling hot.  Makes about 6 infusions.  When you are using clay teapots, make sure you dedicate a pot for brewing oolongs as the scent will stay in your pot after washing and may take some time before the scent dissipates.  I like this tea and prefer to drink it warm and not allow it to cool to room temperature.

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