Sunday, May 27, 2012

2007 Xiaguan Cang Er Tuo 250g

I received this tuo as a gift from my new local tea friend.  This is a 2007 Xiaguan Cang Er tuo 250g.  The term 'Cang Er' refers to a mountainous pu erh tea growing region called Cang Shan.  Xiaguan tea factory does sourced some of their pu from this region and you do see the 'Cang Er' pu erh tea printed on some of the Xiaguan products.

This 2007 Cang Er tea comes in a 250g tuo.  This is a raw pu erh tea.  Compression of the tea is high and tea tools are required to pry open this tuo.  

This tea brews strong.  It tasted slightly bitter.....I could detect a hint of medicinal herb taste, with a very mild sweet finish.  I also experienced a weak minty sensation in the mouth after 2 cups of this tea.  Though this tea is slightly astringent, I am quite impressed with the strong overall flavors, aroma and aftertaste of the tea (I felt slightly sweaty too).  I like drinking this tea hot as the medicinal scent was not that pronounced when the tea had cooled down.  Yunnan Sourcing does offer a range of  Xiaguan Cang Er pu and I recommend you to check them out.

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Jason said...

I just came back to Singapore from the petaling jaya tea fair.. It was fantastic!! The qiu Xiang people were the too, and I bought a load of their 2011 nannuo for 100rm for 3 cakes, and I bought this year spring cang'er raw tuo... Both tasted divine, and I just had to buy them.. Btw.. This years cang'er raw tuo won the gold prize for the tea fair.. Only 35rm for 2 tubs. Total bargain!! One of the qiu Xiang ladies even drove me all the way back to my hotel in KLCC because we drank tea till super late.. Awesome people, awesome times.