Monday, May 7, 2012

Sea Dyke - Ti Lo Han & Shui Shien-Chung

"Sea Dyke" brand of chinese teas are very well known worldwide for their oolong tea.  The above pix shows two of the tinned oolongs produced by Sea Dyke Co.  These are the Shui Shien and Ti Lo Han. The tea is delicately packed in a paper wrapper, each wrapper consisting of 5g of tea and 12 of these packs are then placed in a nifty metal container.  These 2 tins of tea had been in the market for many years and there is a loyal following of tea drinkers that buy these tea.  The tea is very inexpensive going for about US$5 per tin.  

An old tea drinking friend told me that these tea are considered mid grade tea and its inexpensive prices had made it very popular among the Chinese community in South East Asia countries for the past 30 years.  He drinks this tea by putting a pack of this tea in a thick glass beer mug (about 350 ml) and pouring hot water into the mug, drinking the tea after a few minutes.  

The Shui Shien is quite similar to its famous Sea Dyke Lao Chung Shui Hsien (16 Oct 2101 blog).  However I found that this Shui Shien is less robust in flavor and I  could only make 5 good infusions of tea (the famous yellow tinned version could yield me more than 6 brews).  

The Ti Lo Han is also an oolong but it does not have that floral scent associated with the Shui Hsien.  Instead its a simple straight forward oolong that is characterised by a woody, roasted aroma.  My tea friends aptly described this tea as a Dim Sum tea but of a very good quality.  I would recommend you to get a tin of this very inexpensive Ti Lo Han and try it yourself. 

Both of these tinned teas are good and are especially useful........... when you need a cup of good Chinese tea and its inconvenient to brew tea the conventional way (teapot, tray, cups etc).  Its handy to have a tin of these tea especially when you are travelling out of town for a couple of days.  

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