Sunday, May 13, 2012

2008 Fuhai 'Ji Pin' Ripe Cake

I recently opened a 2008 Fuhai 'Ji Pin' ripe cake. I was very impressed with an earlier 2007 Fuhai Yiwu ripe cake (see 2 May 2010 blog) and was curious about Fuhai's other ripe cakes that I had included this cake in my order with Yunnan Sourcing that same year.  'Ji Pin' directly translated as best quality, also piqued my interest in this cake.

This 250g cake, unlike the 2007 Fuhai cake, is made up of small leaves.  This cake brews very quickly and makes a strong infusion as well.  I would recommend that you use slightly less leaves and shorten the infusion times for this tea brew.  I found the initial infusions brew very dark, almost blackish in color.  It is however not bitter, but instead it is very pleasant.  This cake, to me, has a mild creamy finish which reminded me of the famous Dayi golden needle white lotus ripe cake ( which incidentally brews strong and fast as well).  I am sure ripe pu erh drinkers can easily appreciate the robust flavors, strong aroma and the sweet creamy finish of this Fuhai cake. 

One reader asked me that since I consume about 1 pu erh cake/brick a month, wouldn't I be bored from drinking the same tea daily for a month.  Well, I do not drink the same tea daily.  Right now, for ripe puerh, I have 3 tea containers  put aside for this tea.  Currently, the ripe pu in each caddy are '07 Fuhai, '07 Dayi 7452 and 2000 ripe brick (will make a blog entry in a couple of weeks).  I have also 2 tea caddies for raw pu erh and 1 tea caddy each for a white tea, oolong and black tea.  I drink tea twice a day and do try to sneak in an extra session in the afternoons whenever possible. Maybe I should start a free tea exchange service?   Let me hear your thoughts! 

By the way, any readers who wish to contribute an article on are welcome.  The article will be published unedited with full credits to you.  

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