Friday, June 2, 2023

Malaysia Pu erh Tea Club 10th Anniversary Cake

How do you commemorate a pu erh tea club 10th anniversary?  Duh...obviously with producing a puerh cake. Yes, this was what they did.  This is the 2014 10th anniversary raw pu erh cake. This tea were from the Lincang area and the cake was pressed iron cake style. The pressing is different from the traditional Xiaguan iron cakes in that this cake is smooth on both sides unlike the Xiaguan version which is spiky on one side of the cake. 

I decided to open a cake and brewed up a session of this tea. There were many things Iike about this tea.  This tea brews strong. There is a long lightly sweet aftertaste. A wispy smoky camphor aroma makes this tea a delightful drink. 

I will take about 50g of this tea for my USA trip (Portland, Chicago and Seattle). If you like to have a tea exchange with me, please let me know and I will look forward to meet you. 

It is a pity that many new pu erh cakes produced are so much different now. Many newer pu erh  tea are more floral 'green tea' taste.  I am happy to have enough of the old style pu erh in my collection to last me a long time.